Saturday, April 16, 2011

West of Heaven is on sale now at the, for Kindle, and for Nook. Here's a review by Debbie Hull, author of the Men Of Her Dreams, which first appeared in MORWA's Rumpled Sheets newsletter.

West of Heaven

From: Desert Breeze Publishing

By: Barbara Scott

Reviewed by: Debbie Hull, author of The Men of Her Dreams

Genre: Western Historical Romance

Ms. Scott has penned another winner about a down on his luck hero, a headstrong young lady, and the “fancy ladies” that come as part of her inheritance.

Jean Luc Desloge, Lucky, seems to be anything but. He is linked to both his former boss’s murders, and spends his days loitering in town, trying his best to drown himself in rot-gut whiskey.

Marcella McGovern was raised in the best boarding schools and taught to be the proper young woman, never knowing her generous benefactor. When advised of her benefactress’ death, she travels with her attorney to Onion Creek, Texas to learn the details of her inheritance. She quickly learns she was the daughter of Sophie Castleman, owner of Miss Sophie’s Bath and Gentlemen’s Parlors, and wealthy cattleman, Clint Harte, who were mysteriously murdered. She inherits her father’s cattle, and her mother’s brothel, along with the four “fancy ladies” who reside there.

The Widow Harte, furious her husband left his cattle to his “love child,” offers to buy them back, at a greatly reduced price, or Marcella must move them off the land in five days. She also threatens any cowboy who signs up for the cattle drive, would never work again.

Desperate to hire men to move her cattle, Marcella overhears her “ladies” discuss their ability to “ride,” and decides they will be her cowboys to herd the cattle to Kansas. She convinces Lucky to help “train” them to rope, ride and wrangle, and the fun begins.

Come along for the ride with this rag tag bunch of cowpokes, as they try to herd over two thousand cattle across the plains. You’ll spend the next few hours enjoying the trip.

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