Sunday, March 01, 2009

Central Connecticut State University released its yearly list of the Most Literate Cities. Is your city here? Mine is.

I can tell you it was a surprise to all my friends, most of whom are or were teachers or are now writers. When your circles consists of literate people who try to push books and reading, you begin to recognize then by the bruises on their heads as they continue to bang them against the brick wall.

With so many other distractions and demands on time, is there still room for reading? Do you read as much, less, or more than you did when you were younger? If less, what uses up the time you used to use for reading?

On the other hand, RT reviewed 283 genre fiction books this month. Is that too many? How can one writer get your attention among all those books, not to mention all the books you have already or who call to you from the library or used book store?

1) Minneapolis, MN
2) Seattle, WA
3) St. Paul, MN
4) Denver, CO
5) Washington, DC
6) St. Louis, MO
7) San Francisco, CA
8) Atlanta, GA
9) Pittsburgh, PA
10) Boston, MA

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