Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Desert Breeze Publishing

Desert Breeze Publishing has reached the Terrific Twos and to celebrate the authors are staging a blog tour from April 15 to the 30th. I hope you made it here from the previous stops. If not you have missed some interesting and dramatic posts. I will list the previous stops at the end of my blog today along with the next blog to visit. Leaving a comment anywhere along the trail can win you a prize. The more comments the better your chance of winning.

My experience with Desert Breeze Publishing began at the beginning-- actually before the beginning.  DBP Editor-in-Chief Gail Delaney were both writers at another publisher. She had a number of books published by that publisher and also worked as an editor for them. In that capacity, she edited my first book with them, Cast a Pale Shadow.  I enjoyed working with Gail. She got my work and together we carved out a book that would later win an EPIC Award in Romantic Suspense.

Unfortunately, powers were at work which eventually crashed that publishing house, to the surprise of many of its writers. My book was published 2 weeks before the fatal crash, so I had to keep explaining the end was not my fault. To help us through the ensuing legal wrangling to get our book rights back and the feelings of abandonment and betrayal many of us felt, some of the writers began calling us survivors. A loop was started so we could keep in touch over the legal issues and encourage each other to move on.

One by one, the writers announced their successes with other work and other publishers. Eventually, Gail announced her plans to start Desert Breeze Publishing. By that time, I had recontracted Cast A Pale Shadow.  I queried her with an historical, Listen With Your Heart.  A short time later, Gail gave me the happy news that she would like to include Listen in her initial launch.

Now, two years later I'm happily back with another historical, West of Heaven which is now on sale. Here's a brief excerpt in which our hero, Jean Luc (Lucky) first sees the heroine, Marcella.

With his attention occupied, the station master could not tend to the next passenger to alight. Jean Luc watched as the sweetest turn of ankle followed by a flutter of periwinkle blue hem and a froth of white petticoat appeared beneath the coach door. His smile wavered. He looked down at his frayed cuffs and wished he had worn his Sunday shirt today. Then he remembered that this was his Sunday shirt, his only shirt, since he’d let the other one float away down Onion Creek when he’d tried to do his laundry too drunk to see straight.
The old man’s coughing spasm shifted into a staccato wheezing and snorting that reminded Jean Luc of Fraulein Netta’s attempts to play the pipe organ at Sunday services. The second passenger was now in full view, and Jean Luc settled back to watch the pleasant sway of her bustle as she rushed to fetch a dipper of water for the afflicted gent. She wore a silly frou-frou of a bonnet, just the kind Jean Luc liked, adorned with fluffy feathers and chiffon veils that gave tantalizing peeks at her saucy chin and pert little nose. 
Well, his imagination could sketch in the sauciness and pertness. From this angle and at this distance, all he could really determine was that the chin and nose existed. In fact, the lady seemed lavishly endowed with all the necessary parts a man could appreciate, in spite of their demure concealment under bustles and swags and buttoned-up collars
He let his imagination take full rein as the lady soothed the old man. She patted his back with her lacy-gloved hand and the man, no fool, tilted forward and rested his shaggy head against the sweet comfort of her soft bosom. Immediately his coughing quieted as the lady gently stroked and patted him. 
Jean Luc dug his heels into the porch and set the swing rocking. He tested the scratchiness of his own throat to see if he could get a coughing jag going, but, as usual, no luck. His gullet was too well lubricated by the malt liquor Adolph supplied him.

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Diane Craver said...

Hi Barbara,
I'm sorry about your experience with your previous publisher, and that your book was released 2 weeks before their fatal crash. That had to be so stressful but glad you now are with DBP!

Great descriptions in your excerpt of your characters, Jean Luc and Marcella. Thanks for sharing!

StephB said...

Barbara, I can imagine it was very stressful dealing with your previous publisher. Gail really does a wonderful job creating a heartwarming DBP Author community. It's great to have at DBP as a fellow author.


Toni Noel said...

Ohhh, I love the "sweetest turn of ankle and ruffle of periwinkle blue". Great writing, Barbara, and I love your road to DBP story, too.


Danielle Thorne said...

Thanks for sharing your story with Desert Breeze. Good luck with your books!

Anonymous said...

Love the weaving of humor into this Western Romance. Don't usually read romance but I do read Westerns and I'm already in love with the hero. I just know this is going to be a really great read.

Gloria Clover said...

Had a minute to read the Birthday blog and took another minute to read your excerpt ... because it held my attention. Poor dude can't even summon a cough. Perhaps he'll consider losing the liquer a small price to pay to gain a girl. :-)

JoAnn said...

Sorry I'm a little late. :) (The boys are home for Spring Break this week.)

You book sounds as interesting as your road to working with DBP.

I wish you the best of success with your latest release!