Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hallmark Had Nothing To Do With It

What started as a bleak day brightened considerably. I was up and in pain at 4 am, couldn't find a position to lay back down that didn't hurt more than sitting on the edge on my bed,  I didn't call for a pain pill, instead I toughed it out until breakfast, building myself to a pity party that broke out after breakfast. I was scolded by the CNA and the nurse because I was obviously in pain and wasn't managing it correctly. I should ask for the meds when the pain starts, not wait so long that it becomes embedded..  

I rolled my way back to my room crying.  I was wiping my eyes and blowing my nose on my third tissue, sitting on the potty, when someone knocked at the door--as usual.  I asked "Who is it?" The male voice said "Maintenance."  I said, "No. Sorry."  

The next voice was female, "Barb, It's Rita, Are you on the commode?"  "Yes."  "We have a delivery for you. Can I bring it in?"

I invited her in thinking it was the surgical hose the doctor had ordered for me,

It was an Edible Bouquet with a "Thinking of You" balloon.  Suddenly the pity party was over.  I got my act together and prepared to face the day.  I shared some of the fruit at lunch with fellow residents and the nursing staff.  Everyone said to say thanks to the sender. It brightened their day as well.

I have the balloon tied to the handle of my wheelchair, so all can see that some as nice as Deb was thinking of me.

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